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jueves, 9 de octubre de 2014


Stick to one like a bubble gum amidst the babalos sa ligabos na no to care watashi wit na mylene dizon de fez. It is a demolished life, a nightmare to make unwell of the reality, it’s a ridicule to most which is not a sensitized memoirs anymore. With the creeds of my sojourn, to the mentallities of what can I create as a means of an efforts towards a deluxe denoument. To the pluralistic society, everything is termed as a cheapest means of panliligaw. The humane reality with my sort is just a confusion. With life and idealism, the woman abode can't be absurd by punishment. For an illegal derogatory remarks, with the custodies of the wealth for only the ones who is righteous against the mad and the bad. In my life of tempering the circular flow of monetary fluctuations, what I upheaved is for everything that I created in this world. For the common good, there's always a reflection towards the thwarting life of being righteous and anti-custodies. Their armaments is just for a lower means to degrade people under a mad nightmare, the impossible deals wherefore inhabbitation of a dissoluted means of heresy. People where always people, harshness wherefore illumined who's shrewd in the aspects of the never ending and the above. To deplore the different point of views in the upcomming visions of the semi-danger of the mad and the worst. Kitam, kung ano 2x 2loy bumangga sa isip ko dhil lang sa mga walang kwentang bagay. Against the realities, I've encountered something which is a matter of shabbiness because of the nonsensical vendettas. It must'nt be a neccesity in my life, especially if I'd experienced a meaningful route towards my life. The demeanor of correct behaviour is for an essence of being clandestine with my youthful errands being a woman. To strengthen of the respect, may my acknowledgement would be a good norm to societx. Atleast I'd never dissolute of the women that may create an unworthy veneration around. Once, there comes the global expansion then there an intention onwards the what I called migrant conscience transformed covalence. Something which is new but is worthwile from the naming of my ecclectical charisma who can be a great woman as a Donn (the nation with no begginings from a humble touch)one day.

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