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viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014


And so I've dreamed that moment when the envious people destroy my being as a silverspoon then turned myself as a cheap stuff. One day when something get wrong against me because of papacy and hypcricy, the minute would turn rush away in my life and so I'll turn as a reasons of mediocrity for a must having to tend myself in a mediocre school. For the limitless reasons of diverse anecdotes to the route of excellencies. Once I've dreamed of the infinity in a creed, when the gauge of the tremendous undermining defiles and should be a mode of purity. When the alleged circumeference of youth, what'S far more pleasant is a society towards the pinnacles of a good pledge. Whilst in my wilderness, the visions be in the rigors of a ravage and terms of a derogatory remarks. Against my unpleasant conditions, once I've dreamed of different human beings who tried to led me back my bag in one nightly place. Then, I've turned as a confidential one in the thwart of my journey onwards being me. It's all a case for my worth to the derogatory remarks with the issues in my life. in the story of my grandaunt I'd become a case in her own deathnote. Just like a vying spectacles in a poisonous hinge of lusts. As a worth of being my own trend of myself, the scenic one is always for the optimistic things only, whilst there where tend in myself as an envisioned cheap... atleast cheap stuff only not chippanggas may the trend be a result towards the victory of a minunitive means of a mustn't in my own surge of companies to dilute the wicked. My reasons of a beautiful judgement, atleast I've turned as rollicking enlightenment in the beauties of straightforward views handing my own good judgement. The punitive intelligence is that my own wisdom for not so issue but good answer in my own terms, how could I turn to be prerogative of the questions of what is well defined. The seige is that for my life as an endeavor of cheap stuffs maybe because I'm in the lyre of a one day a gains of a mediocre prefect being. My grand aunt once acknowledge of the aides in my own security, thw divergence of theories is that for my own esque. Leading my own harmonies is that a route for a litigance of an asian grandaunt. The bespectackled colloquial terms be with the anguishness of material freedom, which I've coined with popular professor. Ngayon Sino sa inyo si Marimar?

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