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sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

ako si Kurt, ang friend kong si Seoul wala ngayon, si George?

             Oh... ayan na napaka-Accidental ng mga pangyayayri...

Sa totoo lang madali lang sakin ibigay yang mga yan...

Hay naku, ipanema kaylan kita makakamtan? Lagi na lang bang bench ngayong pawala na ang Seoul. Si George kasi masyadong LA Lopez, wit na lang ang belleza kong fez, dahil sa mga hypocritong bayawak at chipangga. So ayun it happened to be in my life that there where instances which is'n provoking in the lyres of death. I was looking for the George to protect me against challenges of my life since I tend myself to be a protagonist of my own story. The heretical man is much inder the enthusiasm of his own self help in the minds of a good theory. Seoul is much my bff must have in my own belief even though things is just a means of a cup of tea. One day I hope my life would rendered possibly of the good suites of camaraderies, a while ago I've been attack by hypocritic people when in the very beggining he's the one that may give me a good answer onwards the better principles of truth. What can I have more if I tend to become more humble. I'm just an ammicable writer eiher, a diplomat myself to secure me in the name of George who's not talking up to now. The theories of the nonchallance and the bestowed heave of truth, I tried pretending to give myself alot of alms just because of the calm and relaxation I need against romance of they where issuing. Sa marlboro reds ng mga paquito diaz at anna kournikouva ng mga tao I had to be known for much intelligence acts. Towards my straightforward views I have to be seek for George and Seoul. They where the melancholic martyrdoms of what I had to have though seemed to be in my own panics. I become a memes of victory because of my beauty that hides inside for the leisure of myself, siguro kaylangan ko namang ipagmalaki ang sarili ko for the oblige of the real complexities of the beauty and against the feigned one. I said myself I'm for the graffiti of grammar and writing, Seoul become poignant but on my part I told myself I'm the massive portraiture of more vehement, still savory of the looks that everyone in the colors of happines would be. George is much a devil may carenof what he is doing, Seoul is much of Forbes Asia in the wholeness of being me one day. Sabi niya Kurt maawa ka naman sa sarili mo, then I said myself I'm just Germs if created but can't be Curt maybe somehow I can be? If things would be possible I'm very complicated George and Seoul is too much effective in the name of there truthfullness atleast I become a secret word for anti-chipanggas because of my name of my own. Then sabi ni Seoul siguro pag nagsama kami George baka maging Curt na ko? Whilst in my wilderness of problems the esque of manhood and womanhood is earthy in the strength of me as an innovation of the wisdom now a days when the pinnacles turned pluralistic. It's always my vindictive to become an effect or synthesis to both of them, I hope they're not maam Villanueva.

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