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lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

A clown writer...

Ay siya ka wag mo ng patulan kung ayaw sa iyo, that was what my grandmother had told me before against the bereft of opportunities. I muttered in this wholeness of Asia that the system of growth is always of human to control of the scenic modes of excellencies to build a newer humor over the ultimate of superceding majority. Above the creed of womanhood, maybe it's just a matter of relationship after four months of rudimentary aspects in the neccessities of truth. I experienced a brivery of stampedes in a lot of crowds, a child to adulthood hunger and a strike of notwithstanding overdosed lineage of punishment like crosses that I mustn't have to attain. With my uncomfort life, still I'm very much happy without any begginings at all especially of the mediocrities of nature towards all. Once after my prayers in the route of Seoul Korea to become, for the ultimate one. The alleged murmurs of myself is, (ang funny mo talaga as in grabe talaga) nakakagigil... then all around my youthfull existence against the enemies is an answer for Seoul to beware herself for the nation is getting delinquent either malevolent against the hypocratic people for the benigns of the gifts and mannas that I should had to have from God. Once I muttered him then a pure journey will be mine, it's a touch of grace and harmony with our leisures for promotion. I speak with the sense of intimacy to lead the wind, it's better to sensitize the whims of what's far more important. Ayan tuloy nadupilas na ko dahil kay Maui Paquiao. He's seeking me onwards this room then issued again, ay si Romeo Diaz pala, sayang kala ko naman si Dennis Trillo na. With the stench of the multilingual name against my super duper na power ni Seo name, I renounced a vindicative grounds of what it means in the stoop of International Law. It's always a rule in ASEAN not to conserve visas for migrants, then in my case everything is a means of ethereal protection henced for people of mine. That's all @_@ embelished na rin ako sa wakas.

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