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miércoles, 15 de octubre de 2014

Kailangan ko ng gawin ire...

Mamili kayo, Hayden kho, Dennis Trillo, Piolo Pascual or Ando Arminteros?  Sabi ko sa sarili ko, I thought they where the same. But in the matter of a star studded place that I where came from, the machinist vice to lure the neccesities of life is that for the wicked people. Atleast Asians would be Asian onwards the protagonist and the hermit of the club Tarot. With my instincts of endowing a love for Math one day, there may be a must principle to be created onwards diplomacy. Hence to the circumstances of a graveyard shift detriment in terms of amicability and the sources of amicability. It is, now when my fringe of fortune would be sensible in terms of essences of visions regarding errands and saw at the moon of never ending tire. With job, the optionst of men, the mediocrity of nature in terms of heirarchy in demeanor. Then, there would be a sense of esque with the personalities which I never strangle against the madness of the leeches against my route of voyages. May my endearing emotions would be placed in demeanor, once it was much exiting. Nung una, si Hayden Kho napakakisig na lalake maniac naman then Dennis Trillo nga denial naman, after the bunches which is the most heave everything gained as Piolo Pascual to Ando Arminteros which is now the new evil against my worth. People is that a human in nature but must tend to gain respect inter-discipline in terms of inner conscience and esque karma. The system of agenda around the circumstances of the continuous swift of they used to say the love which is already I am in intelligence and emotions. The army of skunks is already been there, now I sense somebody must have notice especially of being against the knockturn of relationships. When there's a moment of consensus with my colleagues to deliberate of the must have in visions with greatness of the different fads. Naalala ko tuloy ilang araw na pala kong di naliligo, with the endearments of the culture racism amongst men and women what's far more clever is to propagate the essence of anti-nuissance with men and women, the nature of reality and the truth of the sweetness and confidence. Wishing the security for the most of what I need, I hope the cruelty would gain a discipline in my mediocre S.A.M. of Seo. Hereafter, I've experienced that knowledge is always a remedy against the insults of essential things. The flavors that Hayden Kho have in surrealostic world is the life style of people under the stairs. Dennis Trillo is always in the cabin of denial to protect me but bestows me away. Piolo Pascual is the most but he becomes a Derek Ramsay that leave Gritchin Burridu alone. Whilst the last one Ando Arminteros is international but turned unknown because of his own hypocricy. In my part, there would be nonsense at all if women and femminism would be departed away. It's always a touch of head and shoulders against the snakely poison of better Dianalyn turned Renessme Falconess of the whole above and the down.

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