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martes, 17 de febrero de 2015

The so called crispy pata...

And the three chimpanzees plus the gorrilla family. Now with the effort that accumulates my synopsis of being a protagonist in the story, the totallity of nature tend to be my strength. For the visions of my issues, now the concrete is more of an against to a sullen herd of reallity. My continuous sojourn is that an against to most heresy. Then in my awareness of the society, said I that there were lots of anarchy to the rouge of badlucks. Tonight I dream of another a badluck story to the hypocricy of the nature, of the stoic charms and the fervent reallity. The so called thing to purge of the lutes and lies, said I that could outrage of the alluring instances.
It was hereafter with pure and the universal to ecclair, of the thoughts in the urge of good routes. I had then the continuous charms to purge away the society lurking negativities to deplore away the scent to ignite for the harbour of anarchy. Bon chance with my sort of name to the contradicting denuoments... also to purge away. Now everything tend to be my equate of surrealistic environment. So it is the crispy pata of all cases for all temperous visions of men. It could be a rigor with the means of a chance to the angles of a deterring stuation. The savors is like a morning and the expectation could be an heirarchy especially against the frailty of foods and sensation of delingquent delicacies.

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