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miércoles, 18 de febrero de 2015

The love of U`s

In the litigance of the memoirs and factual union, could be a reservoir for an anguish denoument towards my sojourn.  The love is always for the U`s causes to implore of a renegade of mustn`t vindiction. Thwart the aspect of a sense of elegance and route to a bountiful scientism of my environment. Atleast in the knockturn of delusion, the appeal isn`t in the essence of not a mandatory essence. In the so called fidget of the leering feastive of triumphs the love of universal may change everything even in different terms of an analogous sentiment by the dullness of my consequences. Now U`s of the so called love coul be a good against their assaults. (Eto lang naman kasi parang gusto sabihin niyan ehh... limutin kong lahat ng masamang  ginawa niya sakin para magawa niya gusto niya sakin.) I won`t mention any names but I know to whom that I am pertaining too. With my coaelsces of a harbour I am not into them especially that the case in my ancestor isn`t yet close. The so called love of all U`s could not be a derogatory, still in my visions to tell something a negation with the leer of the apostacies of life just to get what they want. The better the society, the mere a creed could depict the so called society and the love whom becomes my bestfriend. The expectancies with the love of all U`s can instigate of the lies in the name of the one day before U`s of love now... twnd to be the U`s of success.

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