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miércoles, 25 de febrero de 2015

The issue again

Then SABI KO HINDI, because in the long run I had to protect the venerated factors occuring my senses. Especially against the many delusion of the siege which is much detrimental. It become another issue again in my life, because of the lies and the truth which had to be bereft against my life. The tendency is always that a thing to become a detour with my sort. Said my amendment friends each of which must have to be undone to so much opportunity. With the realistic security, still my life is that tedious of the nonchallant society of my debunk mentallity. The so called racial discrimination is always that fidgeted by my consequences and is to be aforementioned. The usual reasoning is always that especially if the sensation is that for the destruction of emminence. Scared it is for me that the vindiction is detoured away or captured by the captain barble. Now I`m not in loneliness, forth the esque of one day triumphant sure that must conjured against the White Zombies. For more a meander of sensation, my denoument for my own story is a diplomatic detour. So it is could be with my life to promote of my own spectacles against the man that had to be rigid away. With my instances of good promulgation by means of superceding outcomes, I said that delegates of anarchism must be be bloated away.
Especially for my continuous sojourn, the imperative pessimistic status is that usual for my own catapults. I am not a woman who can wear golds or stencil steels for my own likeness ad well as chipanggas. Now against my carriage of the ethereal contrabands realizing of the marawi sensations. With my defunct life, I should carry everything in good allurance. Against the definitive much romance, said I that things must be systematized for a creed. To be continued...

The image is too dull... but it is everything what you can see in yourself.
My rebelion against my mustache,  people to counter attack in Laguna when I started to carry my grandmother.

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