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lunes, 22 de septiembre de 2014

nakakalungkot naman...

After the bounty days of issues with my sentiments I usually conclude that... latently the the homogenous nightmare is always that, clutching my life. Enlightenment is usually  rigid form of   mimicrieing animal to dissolve the happiness embroidered in the logical memoirs of  enigmas of fate. Once I felt depleted of the liquidator onslaught of human race. Apologetically speaking I need some space in the rendezvous of what I colorfully thinking. With the esque of familiarity social psychology tend to good habitat of the visions ofwht is proper though pink of life. It's what that the sensitivity may elongate of the good consequences which what psychologically tend to means of good ways of racism. My major major cheese life is that esoteric and had to create a more vindictive one and in the pride of. Culture is the ultimatum of difficult days in the visions of wind and rain esques. With the popularity of alluring mentality and signs of worldly matters I can say that Sena Kim is  always in the perpendiculavisions of synergies in the momentum of a mere           good laughing gas tool for consumerism, it's a languid vision for a nockturn deviance which must be covelant in the balance of society.  realistic options. For the heave of  the meaningful luxury towards the greatness of being child until the reality of what is the means of security in the worth of what may the real one can give. For the figurative union of growth and anti difficulty means. The worth of reality is that for what can be a term of reality and ardours of the positive learning for a meaningful legality. With the verve of Sena Kim until for the practicality and scenic memorandum in the means of a bad and shadow concealing misdemeanor. With the essences of what is permanent and a good triumphant towards a good and wisdom of banga, ago, wowi and laposa to a picture perfect of  a good gains. For a massive speculative that I am feeling for the gains of inertia. In everything for... international... still be the Sena Kim or word of all.

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