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jueves, 14 de abril de 2016



In a long distant far away in my own caste system of knowing myself, I played the flasks and pharmacuetical instrument for a vend at the so called drug place (Generika). The moment it was a part of my life that I'd think of hydrocloride solidify face people to mind what am I doing in my life at least now, happily that I am in a circumstance seeing upon Ms. G Em that she's that enough to become a good social worker making activities for children in the sort of giving aid to poor as well as being a supervisor at this prestigous company (Generika Drugstore). Hence to think of the perplexive activity that I have as a luminiscent pharmacy student before, I think of making myself not that kind of a derogatory remark pharmacist in my own decadence as a human being that could complete the very essence of my personality. The creed is usually a creed for people in a negate territoriality against the invaders of our sweetness in life engraving it with a sacriliguous penalty though it wasn't our fault. For Ms. G Em a forgiven sin is already forgiven a real one who hinge for the safety under the name of God the only one could create a creed for the deluxe of human thoughts. "Hay... naku tama na yan!!!!!!!!!!! hindi na masamang maganda boses ng bawat isa satin... Ang hirap mag-asikaso ng mga papeles at riseta ng mga gamot dito. Ang banas ko lang ahhh!!!!! As in nakaka-asar tong mga kemikal na inaayos ko mapabuti lang tayo sa mga customers natin." Then a glimpse with Doxon in totallity felt me the sudden insult against the background of my life before tend to become nuptial in reality, said I to myself that the visions of making my own as a pharmacist could make a creed for bountiful aide to poverty and the growing health crises here in Philippines. The totallity of the seven capital sins is that usually things that I could heave forth people in grace and a haste to people in thwart of a bountiful phenomenon. first day of the working phenomenon through the means of our hours is that my sense through neutrality and the benevolence the so called destiny and future. She's really Doxon, or the one who could make a sense of freed for usual people in their own inheritance in life. Generika is Generika, not know of that who owns it made me feel think of who's that kind of person, against the sabotaging aspect of betrayal and greed, I think of myself, if I could concumbine my own invented medicine maybe this person could tolerate my sentiments against manhood and that thing which I called solidify hydrochloride face who's deeply intermitent to give casualty in my life instances and sort for real pleasure to an impressive thought and fringe of what is realistically amended to my work as a pharmacist. "Shemaks!!!!!!!!!!! namang buhay ito, hirap na hirap na ko magsocial work ako pa kaylangang umintindi sa mga mahihirap na nilalang na toh, parang mga live in buhay na ata itong mga ite? Pssssttt... mali din kayo ng hinala sakin at mga pagkatao ko sakin noon pa lang iwan na dapat mga ganito." Hmmmmm... Then he look unto me Ms. G Em Iglesia Iglesia, is that realistically provided the society a newer and more amended victory of his own papers and necessities forth to provide in a paradigm forth locomotion against the poverty and growing demographics, tiredly speaking as he is in knowing society as a supervisor in Generika Drugstore ought him to vanquished all the pretentious whims in his life sort which communionally ensnared by the one he calls the devil that lurks deep inside of him. (Ooooossshhhh... immediately then I sighed) Thinking of a laquer emotion of myself this is Generika Drugstore and this is not an open area for us to think of those things. The papers where that, squandered on my table and I featured myself become exuberant though felt annoying but happily look at my circumstances. This route is really a route of my own expectant humor against the visions of euphoria in my sentiments of issues and thwart of a mere pluralistic essences to make a wander of my story towards publicity and the realistic world of pharmacist where, each and everyone of us give candies and alms to sickness of people who aired and suffered from different kind of ailments. "Isip-isipin niyo tayo tayo lang mga tao na nandidito, sa tingin niyo di tayo magkakasawaan. Lagi na lang lagay mahirap ayoko nga magapasan ng ganitong status quo realistic surge na sinasabi, halt muna tapos mamaya warlalu na ulit." I nodded feeling yuckkee and ew and vomitting as suddenly things run my mind that insultingly and daunted by different phenomenon towards my youthful existence. I muttered then... "Sus... naman kung isusuka niyo isuka niyo na ngayon din dahil ako naiimbyerna na sa mga... papeles na toh, nadidiri na din naman ako tungkol kasarinlan kong toh, pero satin-satin lang ehhh... dito dito din naman tayo nalaunchahan ng sarili nating mga gawain noh. Ang daming mga formulas na dapat isend at ipadala sa head natin, pirma dito pirma doon." I was nearly of a sudden wrong when Doxon goes in hurry. "Hay... naku kung sa bagay unting descrepancy lang yan icocorrect mo na lang ng unting repaso at tapos na iyan. Wag mo na masyadong bigyan ng pansin lutas na iyan gurr, tong akin kita niyo naglagay ng gamit na medicine dropper sa ulam ng patiente grabeh... As in sa tingin ko exag... na toh ohhh... sinasadya lang talagang gawin ng walang moog na taong iyon." Then she made a snug on her face looking up unto the papers and documents that she's trying to fix that hours and bite a piece of burger she bought outside. Happily as it is that, am I against enviousness or shall I say seven capital sins that apprehended and mustn't have to overlook already. Playing my own siege in the catapults of contradiction to manly overdose and wantedness to their own figurative self is that my usual worth to think of how could I achieve more for myself and personality speaking, the life instances of theories in own principles. The goodness of a life and love in reality would be that an overture and greater potencies of my seek of how could I create a newer medicine forth goodness of the company that could make a heave of proud, especially of the owner itself. Still I'm Lluvy and doesn't care much of the love daunting the humor that encompassing my life. "Gurr... ayusin niyo na pareho yang mga gamit niyo kulang sakin tong luncheon na tinake ko magmula ngayong umaga hanggang ngayong tanghalian." Then she aided an another catalyst of self procalimed self, Ms. G Em toleratingly urge herself to rigor of her own mentality. "Doxon... baka syntomas na iyan, joke atleast salo salo together tayo na magkakasama pa rin dito sa walang hanggang office hours natin para sa kasarinlan natin."
"Uhhhh....uhhh... ano yan lunch na, simulan na natin taposin tong mga papers at isaayos sa likuran." Then we readied ourselves for the luncheon of our youthful wantedness to ourselves. Thinking of Donnie Yen the great character in the so called the Rouge One is a very benevolent character that I think that fits of Ms. G Em Iglesia Iglesia to comply of herself in the reality of a vision to contradiction of unlikeness towards youth of realistic essences. Especially that Ms. G Em is not that kind of person what am I think of things to thank of him in this caste system that am I thinking for myself to gain the best medicine to offer in the route of pharmaceutical aid to people. I suave of my hands gently then picked up my bag and prepare for my own wantedness in this so called event. The visions of my thwart to study of pharmaceutical drug complaicances. "Whheeeeww... grabe sa pagayos ko dito, at least walang nasira ni-isa sa mga sarili natin dahil sa mga nakakahilong formulas na iteh. Ms. G Em then muttered whilst I was simply gathered my handkercheif and fix my face with my make-up to ready myself outside. It was a realistic phenomenon for readieing myself outside, then we gather ourselves. Meanwhile it was that man again who, seared issue regarding of what he want. Inigo... Inigo Xelex of a worthwhile to the priorities of change, the so called grantedness of his interests to people in the ridge of totality in union was he himself. Inigo again who imparted himself to my caste system, though not of my interest I never merge myself towards him. The essence of the so called worldly matters is that of what he has in making me to interests towards my yout. Chatting with me to give senses, is that of his own virile attempts against momentum of a discuss to prowl with the darkness that could encompass the blasphemy that he may unveil in my path just to give him what of he's interest to me. "Eto... na ulit... Ang mga hirap ng pakikisama ko para sa mga kagustuhan mo. Ehh... Ano bang meron sa pagsasama natin para di na tayo maghiwalay. EEHhhh... ano kasi ehhhh... ang mabuti ehhh... Nasa kaayusan ang mga pagsama natin."
"Hay naku wag ka masyadong matalino para sa mga bagay ng mga kagalingan sa paligid natin GINOO. Magkasama na nga rin tayo e eto na. Wala namang masamang ibigsabihin yun ang importante."
"Madami kong alam..
"Haaayyy... ano ba yun?"
"Magkakapareho lang naman tayo ng kulay ba't di pa tayo magsama sama dito. Para itong bagay lang naman na toh ehhh..."
"Ano hilahan?"
Meanwhile as we are walking upon ourselves we then hear Doxon wrapping around and playing like a turtle herself thinking of live band and gauge of plays towards our totality of union. Caste system on my side union for him but he's not my man of interest these hours especially. "Nu ba nangyayari sa mundo ngayon laban laban sa kabi-kabila du du du du du du du du. Hindi ko na naririnig yung mga bagay na nakikita ko dito ang importante... SAFE tayo lahat." Doxon playfully shook his head after wrappinga play onwards her own music.
"Masaya nga tayo ng magkakasama ng ganito tatanggihan mo pa? Eto cheese cake ang dami ko dito para sa mahabang kwentuhan." Atleast it was his own frank nuissance that I keenly seen a naked eyes of my sight that prove his a no no.
"Anong masaya, tingin  mo satin magiinuman K... ka lang? Sa tingin mo may pagsasamahan pa tayo niyang lagay na iyan hanggang sa hindi na tayo maghiwalay para lang sa kagustuhan mo? Ok ka lang?"
"Wala namang dapat higitin oh bilisin dahil lahat naman ehh... nagbabago, kung tutuusin naman sakin ehh... Ok lang."
"Ni wala nga tayong pinagsamahan dahil sating dalawa lahat ehh... pantay lang."
"Isa... Kaylangan may portfolio kang ipakita sakin na maypinagsamahan tayo. Dalawa wag mong paniwalaan yang kung ano namamagitan sa inyo. Tatlo may pinagsamahan na tayo."
"Ano yun?"
"Di naman kaylangang seryosohin kung ano man yang bagay na iyan angg dapat lang wag masyadong mabatas iyang pinakikita mo samin." Doxon added an impt forth our own concotions in life which is supposedly we doesn't have any interwined aspect at all.
"Doxon wag ka makisama dito at kami lang dalawa." With the matter of expectant humor, feeling of I that Ms. G Em doesn't care's at all then kick the garbage in front of the boastful, that Inigo Xelex.
"Ano man yan wala kong care diyan total ehhh... kayong dalawa lang naman ang naguusap."
"Hindi mo kursonada, yang pagkatao ng kaibigan ko matapos niyang sipain iyang basurahan sa harapan mo? Paki-ulit?"
"Wala na ko masabi sayo maingatan mo lang iyang mga iyan."
"Wala na tayong dapat pagusapan pa maglulunch na kami wag ka dito." Then it was a one whole bunch of realistic essences upon my own visage that, that man is dump up in my sort just not to boast himself as a man of the hour though not. Then it become a day of my thinking against an unlawful fraudulence of turning around the rights from truth against injustice malign odours of his feinged courtesy.

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