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miércoles, 30 de diciembre de 2015

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The study on the role of Women in Philippine Diplomacy Focused on the sending of Filipina Peacekeepers for United Nations
Background of the study
This topic was chosen by the researcher since women have improved a wide range of abilities in different field that promotes Philippine Diplomacy. The interest of the researcher was based on the relevance of woman and diplomacy through the United Nations that will give rise to the respect of women's dignity that engaged with man. Women have said to be predominant in different fields as what it was said in (June, 1991, mongabay, In the early 1990s women were found  more than a proportionate share of many professions although they predominated in domestic service (91 percent), professional and technical positions (59.4 percent), and sales (57.9 percent). The topic was also chosen to promote the women's equal rights with man and open a wide view on their strengths and weaknesses including their ability to have a role in peacemaking revolution. This will give the women to have the idea that will encourage themselves to navigate their lives in a good direction even if they suffered from abuse and unrespectful orientation of men. The role of woman in diplomacy focused on the sending of Filipina Peace Keepers for United Nations was preferably become the idea of the researcher since the growing society of diplomacy and government did not noticed too much on the role of women now a days were they focused too much on power and wealth proliferation.  Filipina peacekeepers for United Nations have the image of women's ability to attain masculine role which the researcher wants to improve that women can do what man can do. This topic has the image of masculine role of women as peacekeepers in Philippine Diplomacy. This research also enhanced the women's abilities in Diplomacy. The advantages of a strong presence of female peacekeeper in conflict and post-conflict zones include creating a safer space for girls and women who have suffered sexual violence, said Marianne Mollman, advocacy director of women's rights at Human Rights Watch, a global watchdog organization (May 20, 2010, Irrin news, The study finally wants to initiate the equality of women and men in many fields especially governing diplomacy.
Statement of the problem
1.) How is Diplomacy relevant to Filipina peacekeepers as a tool of Feminism?
2.) What are the essential tools in womens propagation of peacemaking revolution that will promote Diplomacy in Philippines?
3.) What are the advantages of the Filipina peacekeepers that will promote Philippine Diplomacy?
Objectives of the study
1.) The Researcher expects that the study on Filipina Peacekeepers for United Nations and diplomacy in Philippines will promote the role of woman in the world.
2.) The Researcher will prove the abilities of women in peacemaking revolution that will promote diplomacy.
Significance of the study
This study will contribute to the body of International Relations that will further the students knowledge about woman and diplomacy in the future. For far more understanding, this study will contribute issues on Filipina Peace keepers for United Nations and will develop critical minds of people in different situations of international arena. The knowledge of this study would also contribute to the Researchers for gathering set of facts and informations in their continuous searching of knowledge. One part is the resolution for woman that they can be presented as good Diplomats one day. The contribution it may offer to the international arena will propagate globalization in the devotion of promoting woman. This would also develop a knowledge for woman who will be  future Diplomats in representing their country in promoting peace and negotiation. With the improving knowledge of situations in sexual slavery in the entire world this study would be a help.
Hypothesis of working
The study will prove the equal opportunities of man and women in different fields especially in Diplomacy. This will initiate the women as Peacekeepers that they can prevent abuse and maltreament against their fellow women. The study also gives benefits on the society that women can propagate their knowledge on diplomacy by means of peacekeeping. The study focused on United Nations will improve women's capabilities that can influence Diplomacy and has wide impact on Society and other interdisciplinary studies. The Focus on Women and Diplomacy between United Nations and Philippines will imnprove globalization of the international arena. At the end of the study women will appear to attain an equal role as well as men in terms of peacemaking revolution. This will also provide us the knowledge about the relevance of women and diplomacy in terms of alliance.
Review of related Literature
Filipina peace keepers for United Nations enhanced the role of woman through different functions.One part is that their masculinity in giving safe guard on abused woman with different countries. Peace keepers proved that woman were not just capable of using their minds in promoting the world but also they can use their body for multitasking positions in a way they show their masculine role as what it was said in (Balana, May 30, 2009, Inquirer, Filipino peacekeepers are recognized by the United Nations for their outstanding performance and tireless commitment to maintain global peace and security. Woman now a days have equal opportunities with man in promoting the world. In Diplomacy they contributed their strenghts in protecting other woman for United Nations.
Diplomacy in terms of peace keeping security give relevance on the knowledge that  woman have strengthened ties between Philippines and other countries. (Public informations service unit, December 17, 2010, Department of Foreign Affairs,,)  loj said she is optimistic that the number of Filipino female peacekeepers will continue to increase which would allow them to continue to "set examples and be role models for Liberian women to participate in security institutions." She also commended the Philippines "for their vision in electing women as leaders and heads of state" noting "this is something that both Liberia and the Philippines share. With this statement Feminism proves that the continuous increase of woman would synchronized the world through globalization and diplomacy. Their strengths and liabilities together with their minds can be relied upon reconstructing the international phenomena for peaceful means.
Filipina Peace Keepers for United Nations is a good source of promoting the perspective of suffering that can also be an instrument in diplomacy by means of power as what it was said (Dela Cruz and Peracullo, 2011) Suffering has the power to change the oppressors. And so, the entire focus here are the perpetrators of violence rather than the victims injustices. Soelle's answer to the problem of powerlesness views the resurrection of good power. Thus this would also mean that woman through suffering has a good power that they can impart in globalization. Woman with solidarity can promote each other such as the Filipina Peace Keepers who protect their fellow women abused in other countries as what it was said (Dela Cruz and Peracullo, 2011)  Compassion somehow constrains us to suffer with the other; it demands solidarity with the other. And for Soelle, the resurrection is possible if there is real compassion that enables one to be centered on the other; there is a for-otherness central to compassion.
     This issue imparted that Filipino women have role in promoting diplomacy in the Philippines. They helped in developing the international arena with the use of the ability of their minds to promote peace as what it was said earlier. Their capabilities in peace making recvolution is better than man, Henderson said that in Africa, women can develop their nation into more synchronized era than man since they were not prone to war. With this, women can be a tool in the strategy of promoting alliance and good negotiation with other countries. Woman were bound to be a replica of man, they can do what man can do and implement equality, as what it was said (May 20, 2010, Irrin news, Women might constitute 20 percent of peacekeeping units by 2014, but Lamptey acknowledged that some officials thought it "completely unrealistic" to try replicating this on the military front. "It's a work in progress," she said. "A lot of member states are beginning to understand that when it comes to peacekeeping missions, you really do need to have both women and men in the military and police equally represented; they are beginning to understand the merits of that."
    With the sending of Filipino women peacekeepers for United Nations, the role of women in Diplomacy becomes a lot more specific when it comes to diplomacy. They were specified in terms of masculine roles and intellectual revolution. With their capabilities of handling insurgencies in their designated places, they promote diplomacy in Philippines and gained their respect through medals and awards. Filipino women as peacekeepers can promote diplomacy in the Philippines through the value of solidarity, attaining good power by means of suffering, by having a masculine role and their continues increase would gain good predominance through out the world. With this, the strengths that women can impart in the international arena can harmonize globalization and peace negotiation throughout the world. This study that the researcher stratified, forms new assumptions about woman in how they can promote diplomacy in Philippines. In evaluating Filiipino women peacekeepers, their masculine roles in protecting other countries for United Nations promotes diplomacy in Philippines.
A. Research Design
The study was taken apart through the internet and books, the strategy is make up the thesis through chapters 1, 2, and 3 which is composed of Background of the study, Review of related literature and Methodology. APA as a method of citation was used in jotting down the name of authors, website and publisher in quoting informations. It is all about women with their role in Philippine Diplomacy under the issue of United Nation Peace keepers. Comprising the knowledge in books (Feminista and International Relations) and Internet (, and the study was finally drafted. The thesis was systematized through gathering of facts, formulating of hypothesis, analysis and conclusion.
B. Data used
Secondary Data
Intenet, news papers and books are the essential tools that used in gathering of facts and informations. With the help of Irrin, and the thesis proved a the relation of Filipina women in the Diplomacy between Philippines and United Nations. Some data that become the basis of informations were the Feminista and International Relations that contributed a lot in the strengths and capabilities of women in the Philippines. With these guide the thesis was finally drafted.
C. Data Gathering technique
 Gathering of Facts, formulating of hypothesis, analysis and conclusion are the techniques in gathering Data. One factor in gathering data is cutting down the informations gathered in the website and books.Through internet and books, gathering of facts was performed. With the informations stated as answers to the thesis, the hypothesis was formulated. Finally the conclusion was derived through analysis and opinions that have been conceptualized in the study. These techniques formed the pieces of facts into one united body of knowledge.
D. Methods of Analysis
The study was finally drafted with the essence of analysis as a tool in finalizing the research. Through reading between lines and careful scrutiny the information was therefore concluded and presented the answers. Good attitude such as, keen observing, patience, perseverance and wise decision became the guide in performing the analysis. The use of five senses were also attached in analyzing the facts. Visual imagination were also became a factor in settling the analyzis. The thesis was finalized with the the conclusion through careful analysis of the stated facts in the review of related literature.


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