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martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

Sila pa rin

It was an nth day of my hours when a conclusion gave me an interlude to our relationship. It's all a my moment, "One day will be an entourage to this church." He told me because I'm very delingquent of thinking with bountiful things and moments of a lovingly yours life because in my part I'm the only woman to provide him of the reality and fiefdom of what he needs most of the life that we were always had with the moments cherished all by ourselves. "How did you say so? In this candid Lady of Fatima faith and hope Christianity chapel you gave me of the intimacy we have forever. Still I'm a child to play a definitive romance though sort of a pure refugee with the love in the dire need of each countries love for kindred childhood. Not interested of yours," Then it's all I remember with the longevity of period we sensitized together. "Your name is Beatriz, a woman bullied by many of our classmates because of your childish attitude." Then it comes to think of what and who am I for the most of the time that I'm in an ethereal views for reasons of equity against those oreos and gummy bears. Still I'm the bull frog whom you can give of the love I need in the moments we had." Then I nodded and make of a feastive things to be inculcated naturally with the enervating concepts that I had most of real living. "Well, for many people at the Laguna Bay I'm named as the only one Kobe because of a crunch and chunks of chips that my mother loves to have in dire need of his long lasting though vehement relationship with my grandmother." Then there's a sudden motive that reverberated in the so called purity of colors and visions of my heart, I always had that notion for a myriad studies that I must have since of my high school life. Then it's the conclusion of love relationships that I'm heaving for most of my severity with how things can become sensitized through the means of my lavish playfull demeanor in terms of a harmony. Meanwhile I wake up, he smiled where in my class and it's all a dream fantazised that I was in my bedroom together with him. Then in the reality my teacher threw an eraser in my head then simply muttered. "You're in my class I hate of seeing those things in front of me I hate sheepish animals hear... Lazy..." Then I saw him smiling while evacuating my arms in his face then told me, (Beautiful hair now life can't wait). It's a fiefdom of Byzantium epoch between us whilst the sun ray enlightenly gold with the enamors of cumulus clouds of happiness that the romance like Alynna long lasting with love of the blows in the momentum of anarchy and indulgence of beauty like Venus or Melissa for the courage of hitting back what's for her. In my part I'm very crucial of an interrelational skills for a more essential status quo reality and childish up heaving demeanor. Then I stare at him because of the veering remarks that I had to have in the name of emmo hemmian rhapsody. Well what's my color I'm Emo Hemian funny accent of mentallity and cherished beams of flower, the love of wearing tight jeans whilst my bellies where flown in front of the class and wearing colorful scurves. It's my reality in the siege of and catapults of an ecclecting moments with my childish and playfull attitude. Towards the vyes and popularity still I'm in the harmony of a mustn't derailed aspects to the severity of the scenic bravery he showed me during my dreams.
"The sun seemed to be glowing like your elbows of a crispy pata look, I like you."
"Well for a synthesis of purity and devotions to what I had with him, your so smart and a dire neccessities for my need of being on top in terms of queen bee and kinship in the class." He never explained neither become my protagonist human being ina the story of a not so heretical issues in the sort of a definitive romance. In my worth of a believable creed the most fascinating issue is always having a bountiful aspect of a mustn't derogatory remarks in the lavish designs of romance and particular visions to evade the sensitized anarchy of each schools. In my part I'm massive of the fruitful love of his neccessities. He never instigated me but imbibe an eloquent attitude... especially that he is a student belong to a wealthy family, Then muttered again. "Just call me Beok, I don't like being Kobe because I'm not a kid anymore."
"Hmmmm... Oreos and gummy bears, well m&m's, m&m's, m&ms."
"I don't like you..."
"As possible as it is... establish me a nicier aspect of perky attire or else..."
"Bull frog..."
"I don't like being called as a bull frog mama's boy..."
"Di nga?"
"It's a good notion for these students to call us a freaking (Sila Pa rin)."
"Then it's a colorful memory that we may had for an everlasting memory... but?"
"I don't like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Beatrice... Your just a bull frog."
"There must be an  afformentioned vulnerability for a mustn't deviant society."
"There's no matter of an ignorant memoirs in our sort it's valid for a consequential reality."
"No matter how far it is there's a childish puppy love that may run in the instincts of reality."
"So let's listen to our lesson may be the teachers getting mad if we play cool as if we are in punitive aspect of love."
"I don't need any excuses, maybe this would end up your mess." He then play cool until our class ended wherein I realized I'm just sleeping for a love and humor to protrude of an enervating class that we had for the longevity of hours. Another sleeping belief that I'm heaving for a long time it's a concoction of a symetrical means for a pure man's bestfriend in a playful environment... School at least I wake up acknowledging the man of the hours that happened to be my cousin Titan is talking with me. It's the last hour of our class but in our part it's been an irony to provoke an emotional motive that I always had for my life and it's for reality. Until after the hours of sleep he's laugh towards me "we've shouted by pour classmates like a noise barage for a cautious reality that he as a man indulge by wealthy aristocrat had been synthesized very well." It's a motive of a bountiful aspect and I on my part become delingquent with the beautiful dream I had for an instance.
"Atlis sila pa rin ni Beok..." Titan muttered then I sleep again.

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