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jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

A realistic story

2 of the people I encountered again once in my journey, said I that the issue is usually tremendous. The miniscule thing is their effect if making me feel the guilt. Realistically speaking if contradictions tend to be frail in the so called emotions, the freed is usually of the only one ultimatum. Against the occult of lies and the rigid materialism that could be an nth hour to the anguish denoument. Said I that the only thing to evade is that of my unwantedness of the chippangga stylz that he usually denote. In the means of facts to provoke of the reallity, my answer then becomes a defunct. The defunct is that of the usual ways which is good faction, at least the whitch can`t touch me though of her family issue dark spell. In my own visions, the world is getting darker. Atleast I saw the usual fault that demarched around my circumstances. Now the effect should her as a senseless woman against Seo Hee lord in the affirmative means of good visions. With the stench of the public misdemeanor, things tend to become questionable especially that there`s only one ultimatum to served as a grandeur above all.

Ba at may patulo pang event... then it was his embarrasment in the means of my realistic essences reminiscing that the karma could be my longevity terms of good essences. The only materialism could be a contradiction of the denoument that I usually saw. With the essences that I could prioritize of myself is that, of the annahalation of the harbours forth the effect of the good karmas that I can assault in the contradictions of my life. Makikipagplastican na naman ako hay naku, in my own means for the pluralistic essentials could be ignited a reallity forth the good effects of visions thwarting the aspect of a myriad anarchy? With the whims of the totallity of neutral effects in the aesthetic mind by the heretical issues of the past that I vindicated before. The perfectionism had been destructed now, that the only one ultimatum could judge especially of my mediocrity means. In the harbours of the myriad culture could depict of the heirarchy in the siege of anarchy. To subdue the vindication of my essences,.

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