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domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Strength of the culture

It's my fringe against the frailties of good union, in the focuses pf the ardours and the pledge for airy obstacles. Would always be in the strength of a good and luminous whim, the punitive effort could be more enhanced. With the essences in the route of an orientalist approach for the name of Seo it was her creed for a rate of year living in this enigmatic life fulll of assure ties. Can't harboured towards the freshness of good culture a mere resemblance could be for the worth of the Asia. It's a life full of surprises having our same beneficiaries, with so many terms and worth of a colorful minions in the worth of good enigmas. May the realistic name of Seoul Korea be in the instances of a freed and harbours of reallity. Still I'm against to the float of unsychronized moments for the Seoul Korea, a while ago I surge that the manin movie that I've watch weren't dignified anymore. Because of the much affirmative ecclairs, things become endowed with weirdness and shun of what is an occult.

The vision is much realistic now since it was a year of 2015th of your birthday mother Seo. With the wellness of truth I may behave of a girl in a ridge of good endearments, with the thwart of a passive neccessity I am your daughter one day, a poster daughter of a better creed for an anahalation of armistice for good and unheretic race. Against the alien space, I'm a matter of a brolled hair daughter usually in my dreams for usual assert. Annyong Haseyo mpther Seoul Korea.

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