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jueves, 8 de mayo de 2014

Philippine Humanities

Meet Marco my Teddy Bear...
 "People of different classes"

Philippines good demeanor in arts and culture rivets a stepping stone through highlights of the government and tourism affairs. International pavement becomes fertile and virile through the myriad stories and extravagant cultures and  arts leading to dynamic international economy. Working class society, as well as the slums and bourgeoise environment evokes a beautiful nature of culture and arts in the Philippines, with pure behaviour of a Filipino individual  depicts a Philippine society engaged with luminous values and promotes Philippine ethnic culture and arts. Philippine Humanities amidst the esoteric features hidden deep within the Slum society acquires fancy and perky enthusiatic behaviour of people chattering in the crowd with instance of jokes and rumors. As a member of Philippine society, Slums also have their own language that become a means of communication depicting a unique art, such as; jologs, epal, shuding, bingo, armas, chicklog, champion, iskabru, jabbar, mcarthur and popoy. Paving the darkside of arts and culture, these are the society that depicts the "emocore" in the Philippine status, since they are the views of despair and economic crisis that politics can't solve. Slum culture becomes a rare talk within the three classes of Society in the Philippines. Dealing with the views of Naturalistic art, this society shows destruction and pitiful consanguinity in the casualties of culture and arts. Through the retrospect of the pressuring world of Working class society endows people dealing with ideas, events and rumors to suffice themselves under proletariat society. (Various Classes (People) in the Philippines, angelfire, 12/26/2012) in the Philippines so as important as this group is to the economy of the Philippines, people in this group will strive to be above their station. They work hard in their 8 to 6 jobs, party it up as fierce as anyone, but will always distance themselves from Jologs. When the B class do it, it's normally in jest as it's really absurd to think that well we could be Jologs. But the C class is THAT close to being Jologs, so to call them such would really hurt them. Stated above in the website of elevates people of the working class society with their image of people wearing corporate attires, classy shoes with bags they're carrying for bussiness transactions and company files. In field of culture and arts society, they paints people dealing with everyday issues and lifestyles. Behind the culture of treasure and wealth, Bourgeoise society or the people of class A standard echoes the exuberant heritage of individuals accumulated with pleasures and multifarious activities regarding bussiness, politics and leisures. Their assumption about culture is changing the world with innovations and trends neglecting the old fashion customs. Giving life in culture and arts they're bound to be a significance of roman catholic culture imbibe with statues of saints, crucifix of Jesus Christ and pillars of Mary. They're endowed with rich catholic religion that encompasses a wealthy heritage intoducing Philippine humanities around the world. Thus Philippine Humanities is a gift endowed in the knowledge of the Filipino people and is a rare subject existing for our foreign counterparts settling and visiting in our country. Even with the conflicts gained during the Filipino-Hispanic, Filipino-American and Filipino-Japanese period, it became an attraction and knowledge that serves as a victory in the Philippine culture and arts. Though there's ugly features that contradicts Philippine Humanities, still there's beauty that introduces naturalistic art in the Philippine subject.

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