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domingo, 28 de febrero de 2016

amadeous abacus and ICT

Ayon... tapos yun daw gamit sa kanya... then to the instances of people it is somewhat, somewhere which is capable for medication of the Search Engine Optimization or the Seo Hee forth contradiction against balowny essences of a negate in reality. Which is everything that called a usage for events and materialism of a pluralistic essences. Guilty or not guilty, forth the so called visions of a bright so called to a good memoirs. JOSEPHINE FRANCHESCARIOT or the uninitiated memorandum to be destructed. Learn the meaning of literacy...
Ohh... I`m innocent...

viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016


With the whims of my potentiallity as a Pharmacist sumptuously at Generica Drug store wherein, another of my mere salience of a resemblance of a man who turned me into a hypothetical calculation of an experiment. Se mas una llamas una Inigo Xelex dentro la escuele nunca supersibo chemical. Now this is my hours when I look into the mirror after graduating my college years where "again" that man Inigo is a synthesis that much give me a wordy love for philosophy, I don't understand but it's a long leave of my whims through analyses of an inter-related aspect of studies in different academics, such thing which I could think feisty in the times of my learnings in where abouts? LOVE. Scary as it is, then it's a pop up of my realistic fugitive of my past for that love which I really can't see. Hours of past leave after I slept calculating the experiments of the products which I must circumnavigate for the customers, 2 hours that have past: "Diyos ko ano pa kayang nakita ko sa pagmamahal na yun nakaka-awa naman yung babae grabe noh?! Sino ba yung Inigo na yun?" A pop up turned a means of affliction with my intense thinking of most calculation. Doxon ignited of her own wantedness when talking with me, the ritualist woman who had passion on making jives with people then pretend that she's an enemy because of her versatility, though not. The hours is a union of our siege onwards possibilities of love expectant in reality. "Hay naku Doxon bayaan mo na nga lang, ganun ang mga nasasabi nila sa mga sarili nila, kahit sinasabi kong siya lang ang taong yun." Then I fix the papers and the medicine droppers and other scientific instruments for the products to conclude for the customers. Only the two of us where noticed that overnight of our overtime for the whole hours of work at the production area of the company, with the existence of the clock steadfast on the corner of the wall beside the aircon I looked at her whilst she's fixing things naively like the boxes and the whiteboard and pinned board for the upcomming hours of our work. For most of the people acknowledge at Generika Drug store Doxon is acknowledge for being a clown who loves wearing sweater because of her asthma against the abnormal changes of weather. Cough!!!!!!!!!!!! As fas as it is when she bang her hands at her mouth covering it without being futile of her own working instances thwarting the boxes in front of her filled with the supplies for checking if still active and not expired. "Oooooooohhhhh... Ayun ohhhh... ayun na siya oooohhh... Say niyo na naman sa pandadarambong niya sa mga tao sa kanto tapos... biglang lapit dito ano yun?! Anong tawag niyo dun?! I then, just unlock the authorized doors for personel when the Human resource supervisor arrived, knocking at the door. "Ms. G Em eto na po yung mga listahan para bukas titigan ingat na lang po kayo dun sa mama sa labas, baka kung ano pa magawa niyan sa mga order dito bukas. Walking straightly he sat on the chair in front of the table where I was analyzing the efforts of the experiments and pedagogically create a creed of all of it, without my appraisals he just automatically muttered. "Alam mo naman ako ehhh... hindi ako saksakan ng kagwapohan pero akin lahat ng mga nakaparadang makina diyan sa labas. Di mo ba talaga ko kailangan? The feeling of dizziness was my event of wanting to pursue what am I doing but it's not my interest to see him, again continued in his exalt. "Ang isang mayamang tagapaglingkod ay hindi handang iwan ang kanyang mga yaman kapalit ng pagmamahal sa ibang nilalang sa kabila ng mundong toh. Nakikita mo na ko, hindi mo pa ba ko kayang ibigin oh tapatin? Wordy of philosophies again in his own sentiments for the love of that they called Eucharist and, is that very principled for wisdom and admiration from doctrine his own whims of intellectual reasons towards abundance and fruitfulness of passion for giving analyses to philosophies of life. "A paradigmatical approach in an equate of fruitful egalitarian role for womanhood and masculine approach towards the priorities of life for success, not much of it but change and is a so called reality in the society." Doxon forebear her own frailty of make-believe. "Naku naman Ms. G Em, aralin na naman sa sarili mong nakaraan gawin naman nating paghihinaing sa mga takbo ng buhay natin sa araw araw, di naman yan laging ganun sa mga pasikot, na kung nararapat ba mga takbuhin natin tungo sa kaunlaran." It's always a verve of her mouth when she instated a story of a diplomat for her own policies in life against the people who oppressed her. Ms. G Em, whilst looking upon her past I just ignited a smile especially of her mentallities and creed of capacity upon men, with the surmounted sanity of myself feeling annoyed at Inigo, it's all a moral theory for me to make an amalgam of my newer self just not for that man to follow me anymore. She just, indeed lacquer of herself making feel always lucky at the stake of her sentiment forthe bearing of her enjoyment in her own journey. Wearing black blouse that hours and a denim skirt equating upon the knees, she just smiled and tied her snickers then typed automatically at her lappy. An oppressed heroine who could delve for martyrdom against the enemies behind her back to conclude of optimism towards vigor of a conclusion of change against that decieving success and a union for realistic phenomenon of her own culture... "Perfect culture" so to speak in the study against iliterate people who just know is cheating ceremonies. "Kung ako lang ang wagi... hanggang kailan ba yan pakikipagtalasatasan mong yan sa sariling lahi at brasuhan mong paniniwala? Kung minsan naman ehhh... nakikisali ka na sa mga maseleng patuloy ka pa rin dumdudhwathati diyan sa international, international relations neutral parody mong yan? Ano ba talaga? Oh baka di mo na namamalayan yang mga bagay bagya na iyan." Then a humungous box fell upon the attachment of the locker, slammed!!! unto the floor then into her shocked, felt nuisancely a bit goosebumps. "Errrrrrr... culture in the sense of parody of good society I'm just a journalist with wants and provocations for myself, towards an upheaved of reality, the international culture is usually a wantedness for what could I imbibe... a camaraderie also for contradictions to those somewhat oppressors." He just then played sane whilst looking outside the windowbanes of the door then look unto me and instated his wantedness for that kind of philosophy. "Sa pagmamapatuloy ng lakbayin ko napakalayo mo na talaga Ms. G Em diyan sa sinasabi mong yan, sa salitang pag-aasawa masmabuti ng malansang isda, higit pa sa sinikmurang pag-ibig na dapat iniihaw sa tambakang galing sa nakaw na uri. Tingnan mo nga ko... (biglang habol sa paghawak ng kamay, habang ginagawa ko ang mga checque at papeles ng mga inexperemento.) Lluvy... pagnalutas mo ng lahat ng yan maprutas na ko sa iyo. Ano ba? Yaman na toh... kapag nasabi mong maylaman na tayo, may kumustahan na tayo diyan?" It's an all overtime nightly differential of my analyses for the calculations and I stood still forthe the dizziness that I feel. Atleast this is the last paper that am I holding to procure the finished products for the formulas of the products for the customers. "Hay naku... Jake... ay... Marco... ay... kwan ahhh ano ba? Nahawa na ko kay Doxon... Nu nga ba name mo? Ayun Inigo. Parang awa mo na masmasaya maging single kaysa diyan sa pilosopiyang sinasabi mong yan, tutal ehhh... Tayo tayo lang naman ang mga nandidito at di hamak na walang goosebumps na dapat maramdaman, ehhh... tanong mahalaga bang wag na lang tayo ang sa dapat na hindi na di ba?! at masakit ang ulo ko..." Then it's a so called intsances of my pervade towards the thwart of posibilities of my life, what's matter most is that I'd already been done of my proposals and projects as experiments forth this solution of the products that must be consanguined forthe the customers tomorrow. "Tapos na ko Doxon ano yan? Nagawa mo na ba lahat?" Talking whimsically whilst her nostrils were appearing humungously in front of Ms. G Em made here play her mouth rounding it all around, then touch it again by her index  finger. "Lluvy tapos na ko, (sumigawa sa harapan ko at tumingin ulit kay Ms. G Em) naku naman Ms. G Em career lang yan di na siguro masama kung baguhin mo ng baguhin yang landas mo, isipin mo na lang na swerte tayo pare-pareho dito. Kita mo, magpapaliwanag ka pa bukas sa harapan ng mga directress para diyan sa mga produktong subok na para sa ihahalo pang gamot, ngayon iisipin mo na naman yang hinaing ng lahi mo." Not knowing of their pep talks I just continued fixing my hair and prepare my bag for going out at the office. "Sa salitang, pabula ng mga hayop ang pagmamahal mo ay para lang sa mga yaman ko at mga ligayang tatamasahin natin sa ganda ng mundong ito na may pagkamalas ng isang riwarig na patuloy na bagong umaga't katangahailiang tapat sa kakahuyan ng isang babaeng mabuting asawa gaya mo't nagaantay sa isang mangangaso." Then in the continuous aspect of a pedagogical phenomena of my realistic, so called love I'm little bit learning what's the irony of his philosophy for words of love. "Both of you two, it's already 30 minutos despues de 3 en el dentro noche millas alto de monte de Makiling por cerca de Manila Bay. It's still early for the hours that could enhanced our division of labor for this multitasking society in an equate of a utilized (Malevieve) in a greater treatises of love expectant. Let's shut down everything inside of this room." Stepping outside of the room, we'd shut down everything and lock the doors, somehow the two of the people stated their own charismas towards their own path... (of life). "Joke lang yun... sabay napaisip tuloy ako..." He then smirked and asked... "anong ano yun?" Then I never paid attention of the man whom I thought a philosopher... so much greater for what am I thinking all about regarding the love that his boasting around. More of it his wealth then suddenly didn't noticed... "Both of them had gone?!" ex machina deux e' ulol in my whisper's against that evil who lurks upon the severities of my creeds in my own expectant. "Di ka gagalawin niyan... may ulol ulol ka pang nalalaman, madali lang sakin yan. Sabihin mo lang sagutin ko talaga yan. I just smirked and felt arid in the pinnacles of what am I thinking in the plenaries of my visions forth all purposes of the mountainous color of what am I realistically heaving for my experiences in life then didn't paid him noticed, felt annoyed and think of Doxon and Ms. G Em whilst meth on my long way walk along the roads of my own sentiments. "Pagsinabing salitang pagaasawa, lagi itong isang bituin sa nagniningning na makulay na riwarig para sa yaman ng isang relasyon. Gusto mo pa bang matuto ng isang ganapang Pagibig na walang hanggan o isa na naman ba kong nauubos na pagmamahal para sa sangkalahatan ng ating pagsasama." Ooooohhhh... then I felt ryhtmical of the sentiments that I shouldn't have to propose of my envsion forth my expectant forth the love and harmony of my own priorities. In our continuous wandering around the roam of a mere possibilities with the so called, of my own instincts. "Ano ba maglalakad lang tayo? As in maglalakad lang talaga? Puera di nga? Ano talaga?" In the verge of his own eyes then made himself more a custody of that philosophy for love and visions of a a better synthesis that he's trying to let me think, A COURTESY. He then wore different sides of aspects of his thinking though not of my urge and entail of his ethereal hours towards boldness and making himself a mere resonance of a man forth the acknowledge of realities with usual ways, that is succumb of his own love and passion for relationship and man in cacophonies to slain everyone just for his courtesy forth me."Hindi naman ganun ang ibigsabihin ng nasasabing relasyon... sabihin mo lang sakin na ganito ang gusto kung sa atin at masisipat nating dalawa kung ano ang mamamalas na tunay na ligaya... at ikaw ay magkakamit." Then I wonder upon our yonder in the midst of our wander along the visions of what he is trying to mutter. I never instated of what he is in a purdue forth the hours of his siege to bare me in the wantedness of his touch thwart the usual union of the effects of my realistic personality to change his paradigmatical approach for the love and irony of philosophy and the marriage to evade the scene of my picturesque sight. "Ganito na lang ba talaga tayo parati?!" He continued in my own thoughts forth my own pedagogical assumption for my own life style feeling astound of what he really is telling like we're equately have relationship in a second. I never paid notice at him but then, I never entailed anything, and lyred my own options in lfe and advantages for what people usually call a relationship. Not euphemistically admired him but still apprehend with appraisals of his philosophies for the so called love, I still just think that it was his matter for what he is in an interest and thought immediately, Oooooppppssss... (Hindi pwede... kwento ka lang diyan bahala ka magbigay ng impormasyones.) "Tara sige lakad lang tayo dito kung saan saan, at magpalinga linga kung ano ang makakapagpabuhay sa sangkalahatan nating dalawa. Relasyon lang yan boy, joint account na ka agad ang hinihingi mo, ano yun? Insurance na ilalagay natin sa salitang madaliang bigay eto ka na agad? Nakakatawa ka naman, ehhhh eto ngang kamay na bakal na nauuso ngayon di mo pa masolusyonan. Mamamalas na agad natin yang araw-araw na bagong umaga para sating dalawa ano yun. Sa Relasyon na nasabi maingat ako kasi talaga sa ganyan." Then thinking of the so called policies and government I felt, Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww talaga. Then think of the surmounted aspect of the phenomenon which they usually keep on an ensnare, the realistic life style of a visions of so called harmony in the name of the fruit. We'd continued walking whilst he's philosophically muttering the meaning of the philosophy. "Pagsinabing yaman, kahit saan man makikita mo ang lahat ng ito, pag-ibig, isang elemento kung saan matatagpuan mo ang iba't ibang klase ng relasyon, maging matalino ka. Pag-ibig lang magiinit pa yang ulo mo, Pero sa mga salitang ganyan napapatawad na kita. Isang uri lang yan ng pagmamahal kung saan makikita mo kung ano ang tunay na balakid ng pag-mga plano ko sayo." Ooooohhhhhh... then I looked at the visions of a fringe of my wander along the resilient road walking towards the bus stop. My mentallities of being a woman that I could be enhanced by many man and will acknowledge as difficult to lacquer in the senses of jaundiced hegemony of an evil that could lurk inside my id, ego and super ego. "Tapos ayun, di salitang yaman lang naman yun ano ba sa tingin mo iba pang pwede pang mangyari sa pagitan ng pagsasama natin? Heto tingnan mo hawak ko sayo na lang." Then I urge suddenly of the sympathethical approach that he is endeared in different cases of angles of philosophy. Then didn't claim of the apple that he is holding and trying to give forth a sense of an urge for his usual means. Continuously jaundicing along the road we'd stop on the loading station never paid him attention then continued talking and playing his own harmony for what of making chatters along the path of our ways. "Tapos, ano na? E di eto may mahalagang pagsasama sa kung saan meron ang sa pagitan nating dalawa, madali lang naman ang relasyon ehhh... Sasabihin mo lang eto na tayo. E di yun na, mahusay pagsasama natin nun ang pagpapahalaga eto lang ayaw mo ng mansanas ko dalhin kita dito sa kabilang dimension ng pagmamahal na pwede ko ibigay sayo." The bus arrived along the road I go upstairs inside whilst the window opened, pretend nothing happens until he'd just look astound on the path until the door of the bus automatically closed, nothings heard, no proturberance, I think I'd garnered myself with prohibitions in life and look at my circumstance then just studied of his philosophies smell freshness of the aircon and breathe deeply until my annoyance had gone airily and bus moved away.

martes, 16 de febrero de 2016

Cheetos... Cake... Doritos... Lemon Sherbet... Gelatin... Strawberry Flan and Macadamia Chocolate wall nut...

Wala lang... I continued asserting of myself to preponder of a quintes sence contradiction to negate of equality in the instances of a thwart to reality for an issue. Incentives is realistically an issue to what the so called food and fruit of a surround in the biscuits of a table and the lemon square chocolate pudding spaghetti pizza. To enclave of a reality the forebear of a vision must be amortisized the valuable bignettes of a past to lacquer. Perfume, play doh in the mud and toy store play ignited vision of a so called security to the siege of denoument. Tao na, para sa pagpapatuloy ng laging lakbayin lang sa anomalya upang kumain, Now would be a detriment to the futility to become fruit and bear of a siege to ridge and crackers of festivities. Atleast it all tends to become a usual asert forth priorities of an indigenous leipzige in a lickerishing boils of a De Mauphasant pedagogical fire nod and blister approach against a misdemeanor. Not to make an answer to delusion which is usually a mandatory to endearment of love and death and Vice Versa. Not my mode faction of interest with the senses of a sabath to an own of enlightenment a harmony. It's my time for leisure with the armistice to the enclave of a feud.
Now I'm Annalyn Aranggorin, in her thoughts to be in 10 to 100 up to millions and billions of the instances subtracted the BTX NEO then untangle of the misdemeanor to a realist theory of thought to dimminish the contradiction to society.
Now a newly term is acquisized for a decorum to negate the pretentious wedding which is actually a bad story and is an anguish denoument to dethrone the amicable status quo reality of my Birth!!!!!!!!!!!!