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martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

The Ugly side of virtues

Hence I'm a mediocre status lady in a major destruction against reality, I always had that conclusion to imbibe something rudimentary in reality. With my efforts of being an aesthetic demeanor still, I can say I'm a person of a clandestine ugliness in the name of wicked love that the difficulty giver may give. In times of my adventure proving of how can I put some make-up in my face being a woman of an ecclair to avoid hindrance that I'd become affected because of the anti-sociological rule of people putting people in embarrassment though there's no fault at all. In times of a mediocre pride my sentiments in a faction that controls the universal love and emotions... and also demeanor that can be a synthesis to my harmony of instigating the truth against the devaluating aspects of majority heresy were quite pragmatical. Thinking of the last three flavors that I can determine as honours in the name of enlightenment and surge treasures they give with me. As a means to the pluralistic and lofty circumstances of calculations in the pinnacles of a tragic romance which I suffer against Chantal Minh towards my success. There where deteriorated aspects... though, and must be a probability to millions of options that people may had in having success. Because of Chantal Minh a woman of lots of rebuking lessons that in turn she become a lady of full of antagonistic charms towards many woman of wisdom. In terms of me, I'm very vociferous of dealing with harmony and how equality may give gifts to the rivalry of many people in the name of reality. As a lady distinguishing the differences against righteous and obligations in the world it's always virtue, love and emotions that must rule and coincide in the name of karma and provoking orders of goodness and visions of rudimentary time. Comforts with me and my supposedly "Parental Consent" mustn't be a hindrance in the madness of society, because of the destruction in the virtues of universe and society. Lots of syndromes and things which is quite a source to the issues which is vindictive to many sights of human being. The dis wrought and fatalistic outcomes harbouring the people in victory is ugly features of virtues, last time my bestfriend decided to visit just to tell frantically of who am I, especially that he is a man and I can't deter him to insist and tell me that I'm beautiful. So in my own terms he's handsome I believe as handsome as many women can indulge, but I never pay attention because on one, he won't give me what I like in life especially that he's always in favor of the one who may acquire the reality. In terms of studying karma against anti-apostacy, whats intelligent is always a hindrance of femminism and what's beauty is always a feigned fortune that many occults of social elite may implore around the universe. Ugliness in different facets that connive by evil and pretentious ruler of wisdom like Chantal Minh is a reverse to harmony. My desires of taking love to both pair of equality and beautiful decisions to the synthesis of success. There's always a derivative of perfection, but in my part she's still a spoiled brath woman whom I don't have to conjure because there's a massive destruction in the entire population when she rules the vanity of woman. Though I can't still see her together with her faction, still I had to be indulge with them because of their efforts of in  the name of philosophy. I'm quite enervating with the arid mannas of reality, it's always a stronger effort to make a construe of lofty and a decline, hereafter there's the shabbiness of the society then there must be another facet of beauty to help us learn to fight against the wicked life of eradicating aspect of the lady involved with ugliness. People where quite weak because of suffering in different symptoms like being in a fairytale of anecdotal pavement of sadness, like a modern day Snow White suffered under the derogatory remarks of vital apostacy that only an ugly which always conclude to destroy me, is it really a one reign? Or maybe they're duple or a faction of people? In terms of different sects of ecclectic vices which must implore a gift in the intellects of many people around, things must be in a wisdom in the savage mystery that had wrought the lives of people. In my own terms there mustn't be a neglect in real beauty and righteous materialism that only I can synchronize, "Shame are those who doesn't know how to put themselves in position that they mustn't abide in their life." An instigating feature of demoralized people must gain a sumptous fringe to what is a learning and real beauty, then the ugliness may become a venture to what is a good diplomacy in the visions of things which can't be prevent in the name of logic that must win in the logarithmic expressions of what is a truth against the elephant who seemed to be a dislodge in life.