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martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

New year love 8 days to explain

Disyembre 24, 2012 es Noche Buena celebrar de Romano Katolikos, pero de me parte yo voy en el casa adonde me ex amante como encontrar. It's morning, wearing greyish dress and close shoes are my motif, my old hand bag depicts my dull personality with vigor spray that scents along the mass. Naivity makes me remember my floral past dedicated with my eccentric romance, walking near the mailbox, my heart pumps with nervousness feeling that shame may encounter through him. Though being nefarious with his tranquil  personality, still he's a man, a man with deep secrets that never tell if cheating a woman but venerations he endow me makes my heart feel scattered everywhere. Thinking at my past is like a mount of clouds encompassing my greyish attire and close shoes that delves me in the air while flying with him then look at my watch, it's  9' o clock in the morning people fought for spaces in the market while looking for goodies to buy and take proposals with the vendors to lessen the prices. "How much is the knickers?" I asked Leticia, the vendor I acknowledge as my "suke" in Ashton's Market.  "££ 5.00, for  you duck," Leticia cackled in a boxy voice but in a hurried manner. "Oh, mother the price is too high make it, ££ 2.50," I shook my head after talking then look at my bag pockets for money. "It's recession, financial fluctuation becomes so crucial make it ££ 4.50." Leticia becomes a bit temperous that moment but I still insisted since we've know each other though she's conniving like a Boa constrictor. Every year, I used to visit this public market to court Leticia with her lavish clothing line seemingly that her blonde hair prompts United Kingdom with her jeering remarks and remarkable prices thinking I don't want to depart with her anymore. "Make it ££ 3.99 or I'll heave the price higher than ££ 5.00," Leticia's morphling army attire speaks in the crowd just like she wants to strangle me. "Last price ££ 3.5" Then I shouted like it's the last time I have to talk with Leticia. "Ok, you win, tell Lyden I got the latest belt she want!!!" After shouting I wave my hand in the air and said "Ok! Thanks for the knickers!!! Then  I walk straight outside the market after paying for it. Turning my head left and right while walking made my sentiment evoking the ground while going back in his apartment. It's been worthwhile of visiting Ashton's Market for its delicious ambience envying people to go and visit the place then amazed with the vendors vying for customers around like Leticia. That day becomes unweary but foolishly feisty due to my  22nd year of visiting my homeland, reminiscing with Bobby is indulging of his meek personality but pretending to feel like happy after everything that happened between us is so difficult to see the world as beauty and romantic as Rome. His big jaws, fair complexion, pinkish cheeks, dark eyebrows, red colored hair and watery hazel nut eyes makes me linger upon his arms dealing there's no time at all for me to leave him. Simplicity with his slim cocky jeans, snickers and green shirt though naive but unwavers his athletic body reminds our long lasting sweetness 2 years past. On my way Outside Citadines Prestige Trafalgar Square, I saw a man standing and waiting for me whereas in my side its  despair, happiness, love and anger felt myself being with the man  I hated so much since we've met in the Ashton's market. That night becomes antagonizing though silence within ourselves hid our feelings, walking inside his room made us nothing to talk but stare together fiercely while the night ended as the moonlight watch us sleeping backwards at each other.
Waking up, the sunshine welcomes me an exasperating December 25, 2012, visions with the man I'm sleeping with. I walk down stairs talk with the kitchen then cook ham and egg sandwich with vegetable beverages on sides. Meanwhile temper goes around as I meet him blending fruitshake looking at me esoterically, I eventually surpirsed him sarcastically then ended snobbing around. "I still remember what you did 2 years after I give you that letter," I argued. "That year I resided Germany for an immediate thesis proposal and I've read it when our land lady gave it back three months after, I believe you'd understand." Then he burp after a gallop of fruitshake, I sob with laughter on the other hand. "Your burps doesn't make any excuses for me, so what happened after three months of reading what I've wrote? I appreciate though unrespectful." After sighs, mashing the egg and frying ham on the pan, I acted with curiousity and jealousy. "The fact is I'm not around when the letter flew in my home that time, its been 8 months after my proposal when I decided to go back Manila and read the letter." His eccentric manner waves his hair with cunning face and blooms in the sky enthusiastically. After the serious statement, continued drinking his fruitshake then smashed the glass down and sobs desparately. "You've gone for so long, I waited enough time for your reply, nothing I figure but whispers of the wind giving only few chances." Being unvain and naive  runs in my mind which is everything similar between us that time though feeling empty in what I've said, still incantation reverberates my love for him. "Chances you've waited, but I'd never stop thinking of your sudden lost and send you messages through e-mail though feeling procastinated, is that e-mail still yours?" Fixing his jammies with his bare hands while looking around the kitchen then stare at the cabinet becomes like a never ending chatters between us but I suspected so much. "3 months after I send you the letter made me decided to change my e-mail and go back to Philippines for my long term goals." Eye circulation becomes his immediate reply, my sentiments become more suspicious though he acts naturally. "You keep on turning your eyes around, it conveys no truth above all what you are telling, do you hide something?" Then I jest around with simple dances twisting my butt left and right then stayed again on my place and prepared my sandwich. "Nothing I can tell you, turning around my eyes doesn't means a lot." He then punch the table but still in a calm and serious manner. "We've been talking here for so long, its 12 in the afternoon, Italian focacia and tomato delies are stoop on the fridge, better hand it on the table." But I reacted malevolently against that guy wearing jam. "Your ideas seems excruciating don't change the topic... It's you who tear us apart and my trust were gone, every bit of moments we cherrished have gone and ruined." He does nothing on his side but prepare the dish on the table instead. Morning, afternoon and night debunk our foolishness as the day ended with lavish silence and full of despair.
After one whole day of negations we confronted a strenous December 26, 2012 behind our feverish endearments, endearment with our charming summons but feverish due to our ruined relationship. It's morning again, I fixed my curly hair then look blundered glancing at him with his esoteric eccentrical attitude that fantacizes me. Before going outside I'd look at him deliberatively with his much enigmatic looks along bewilderness that I enamored so much. With out any humor and  manifestations of love I frown and giggle as if I want to throw my mobile against his impish looks. But though being, I still reminisce the times that I used to fidget his left chest and poke his forehead saying his weirdo. I look outside the window and saw him waiting outside wearing brown coat, denim shorts and casual shoes, at last he dress well though a bit sluggish. Staring around at my back visualizes the beautiful aeons of maple leaves falling unto him then I smiled pretending hard to get and change my clothes, walk outside, hold his arms then visit Ashton's Public market. Around 12 in the afternoon we march along the road like flowers marching on the ground, then talk to me. "I dont think that letter reaches our arguments until this moment, it's 6 months past but I never feel your essence then decided to send you a messsage but I gained nothing, the letter apparently arrived after residing Germany for my professor's proposal. I came back when the land lady gave me that letter feeling anxiously about your immediate response but I can't figure you out." He seriously uttered around with honesty but our misunderstanding past becomes nuisance in my part, I poke his head with my finger tip again and prompted with quiet retaliation. "I'd waited for so long, but you exchange everything for that proposal and Germany do I still have the options? Or you bestowed me for nothing that time?" Then he continued to explain like whispering in the air. "You still don't understand me, our responses alternated vehemently as I resided to other place but still there's cherish I believe." After talking I ricocheted eye contacts with him to belittle his personality then continued talking. "Your reason is not that suffice to be accepted." Though being softened that afternoon I pretended being mad at him that afternoon came, even sunlight touches our skin still the cool breeze of the season emancipates our circumstance resonating our body, he muttered just like whispering in the air again. "So, until now you don't believe what I told you about that letter, speaking of my thesis proposal its immediate and dedicated for my studies how come it affects our relationship you're being vague." Seemingly he explains a lot that time I manage myself to take a deep breath then argued. "Your eccentric personality makes me enamored you much but still you defy our relationship and didn't take it for granted. I hallowed our relationship with exuberance I'm sorry you misunderstood how I give you attention, it's 6 in the evening better we get back at the apartment and reflect for more.
Our reflections finished yesterday and continued talking, December 27, 2012 heaved my eyebrows with his perseverance building reasons again. "My love is dull but do you appreciate it?" I become illumined that hour, my laconic behavior endowed me into a childish characteristic that jostle myself into happiness to what he'd say then I replied. "This is the first time I encountered you talk like that and I fascinated a bit. Still enamored with your chest, heheh... Everything billowed our future into darkness, luck would lead us through chances." Lying at the bed he ventured himself to dare me showing his chest but I reacted. "We're talking about our recent relationship not about steamy things and foolishness go on, wear your shirt back." But I startled with him seeing naked and acted seductiously in front of me because he never do it in our relationship ever since. Its the first time he talks to me like that so I initiated again, "trying to scare me like that doesn't affects me but never do that again or I'll leave this home and not going to talk with you anymore." Then cleared his throat and added, "being bold doesn't makes any connection with what you're thinking it's just that I remove my shirt and that's all, any question?" Feeling a bit embarassed at what he said give me the notion to talk again and stare critically in his front. "Thanks for the embarassing signs though I'm not undermined but felt proud of your chest it's still stuffy." I yawned after being infuriated, he then raised his trunk then laid again on the carpet while stretching his arms then argued. "Love, I don't know what does it means, will you define me what it looks like?" His views became deeper that day and I never wondered because that was one of his good characteristcs, a person endowed with weirdness but logical. "It's 23 minutes past 4 is there anything we can eat?" I tried smiling though it seems so difficult dealing with his "no care" attention after asking, then he agreed but added again fervently. "Steamy sensations makes me look blundered, find astounding? Heheheheh... Better study our relationship first before saying that you give everything, we stayed here for 8 whole hours I'm hungry, I thought there's bowl of lemon sautee'd pork let's eat." I nodded then argued without feeling huffy since I used to be with him like that answering my queries in a weird but logical manner. "Your still that man I knew at the Ashton's Markert, I believe I'm the only woman who can understand you being that, better court someone who's like me." Eating our meal that sunny afternoon is starving since we've talk much spending 8 whole hours in his bedroom, nothing happened but only chatters about ourselves ending the day while our mind being jaundered with steamy perceptions and my contradictories.
Steamy things talk ourselves though being appreciated a little bit and apparently it is December 28, 2012 we walk around the park and talk different issues about our lives the time we're in different places. "Germanis just so 'cold', not caring about anybody expect themselves being that. I found their culture as highly intellectual people raging themselves from technologies and innovations, they're not that sensitive about sentiments of someone. All they care is semantics and how they can cope up with the continues verdicts of life and comfort. They're bound on how people should ease difficulties through gadgets and massive facilities no wonder I conclude they're ardous of knowledge." That day felt me infurious against what he told boasting what he'd learned though in a simple way. "The park enjoys us indefinitely, I appreciate your clothes still its naivity perpetuate your wholeness and speaks of yourself having no buffy attiude" He insisted more about his assumptions, "In Germany I experience much innovations and knowledge that made me not so endearing but fascinated with their features especially woman." I smiled as we jaundered around then added unconspicuously. "Being a doctorate professor with good scholastic records and honors at Eurocampus is a good achievement though sounds simple can be enamored though. Being a mix blood Filipino-Hispanic endows me more of Philippine culture, humble and meek but heart of brevity, concise and intelligence." I thought my humility would smash his pride and philosophy that morning but that guy insisted more of what he wanted to tell me. "My proposal about Blogging ethics of Filipino people as a leading innovation towards humanity regarding advertisement and trend deals how we should linger on the principle of blogging and ads, you finally understood I thought." Then I replied without sounding hesitation and nervous proving that his boastful, "In Philippines people is concocted with good customs and virtues showing Christianity above all human race. I adore my race much rather than innovations, technologies, trends and knowledge that ruins the beauty of human race." Then envisioned his quiet but perky attractive looks. Strolling around til' that sunny afternoon crave's my mauve dress and close shoes affinitively then wave my hair, meanwhile he argued and poke my forehead. "Still I prefer my life in Germany is metaphorically genuine and rivets as stepping stone for my career growth and in the environment, Germans do not expect to be greeted by strangers, even when eye contact has been made, in the office environment. The fact-oriented thinking is, (since I don't know this person, there is no relationship, so there is no need to get into superficial pleasantries). Generally, the smaller the office is, the more greetings will be forthcoming and expected, but the bigger the environment is, the less it will be expected and offered, especially if you are not a permanent member of the staff. Then I end up my points saying it's "7 pm in the eve better we got home," our creed seems raising above the heaven though pinnacles of our past is devastating, we got home.
Even there's painstaking moments between us yesterday I appreciate the way he represents his lifestyle when he's around Germany. Today is December 29, 2012, we continued talking about cultural perspectives as well as notions about his Thesis proposal with his professor. I on one hand argued with my preferences when I was in Philippines teaching students with foreign language and diverse assumptions regarding Feminism, on our way to British Museum  he continued speaking about his culture. "What can you sense about British Museum?" I nodded thinking nothing but frown at him then he poke my forehead again and started to talk regarding his knowledge. "Founded in 1753, the British Museum’s remarkable collection spans over two million years of human history. Enjoy a unique comparison of the treasures of world cultures under one roof, centred around the magnificent Great Court. World-famous objects such as the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon sculptures, and Egyptian mummies are visited by up to 6 million visitors per year. In addition to the vast permanent collection, the museum’s special exhibitions, displays and events are all designed to advance understanding of the collection and cultures they represent." Thingking that everything has no connection at all still smiled at him, "You're smart! are you Melchor, Baltazar or Gaspar?" But he still insisted with no benevolence that made me feel excruciated again his naive pride always bolstered and its only I who used to notice those. That hour as we jaunder along the bridge his attitude vulgar again roving his mind against my close shoes. "Those shoes, seems classic isn't it? Is that your moms?" He thought that I was being huffy but I still smiled, prompted and asked him stories about his life in Germany and his cultural perspectives. "Nothing's wrong with my close shoes is it look old fashioned? My apologies but I do love my mother and misses her wearing this shoes, there's no reason for you to become vindictive it is I whom you sinned better tell what you feel than luring me with those  appraisals. I believe British Museum is beautiful and yet esoterical as well as it's pavements isn't it?" Then he argued again pointing his index finger through his chin, "close shoes, heheheh... British Museum? Esoterical? Assumptions I can't determine but quitely true. My proposal regarding Blogging and Ads heave the standards of journalism as a reasoning to the society with the means of pen and paper. Why is it British Museum becomes our fugitive place to mingle this day? Do you have any assignments or kid's stuffs?" Then I keep myself tact and avoid being affected against what he said but continued arguing. "Speaking of kid's stuffs your shirt seems somewhat sort of... But I love those, filipino people were not as eccentric as you are, we're born happy and contented of what we have. But though having a mix race I believe of the notion that our hospitality regarding each other concieves of our healthy union though we differ in characteristics we don't discourage nor discriminate, I appreciate myself understanding that attitude somewhat funny." Then he replied while the wind gusts upon us but that time he seems a bit frightened jostling him what he wanted to say, insisted himself not to tell his feelings but blurted. "I was hurted the time you've gone anxiously worried that the one who can understand me have been totally lost though we misunderstood everything, still I waited for you." Men will be men though the time I send him the letter without any replies I must be the one who should tell him that I totally pissed off due to his carelessness. We ended the day finishing tasks turning around the museum, talking, briving ourselves with knowledges we earned, looking at the people being fascinated and mostly scold each other insisting ourselves not to be affected by what we really feel together.
Tonight I guess it's Rizal day in the Philippines, December 30, 2012, holding hands though our hearts frown each other we feel the comfort goes beyond everything, as we smile but daunt attack his sentiments telling me about the letter that forgot our sweet memories. "It's not my fault that your letter flew away 8 months after I'd went Germany, do I have any options waiting 3 months for your presence? Not my fault?" Lying in the banister feeling no aghast with what he told, I prompted. "I gave you the letter without knowing that you've gone, you never insinuate but gone, suddenly lost, vanish like a bubble, is there anything happened or something that you can't say?" Nothing he replied but hit his legs with his left hand while sitting on the rockin' chair, that hour we spent ourselves still, analyzing and reflecting our past being ourselves. That night he mentioned how I played with his left chest and poke his forehead when we're still incorporated but regarding the letter he became a bit less vital since because of me then reacted. "I still remember how we played the leaves during autumn and lay out ourselves in this park, sounds annoying when I still remember that letter. Do you really love me or I'm just being a mere infatuation?" Then I suddenly mark my one hand in front of him insisting to control his chatters, interwined again and analyze his secluded aura. "Love? Yes, infatuated? No, why? This is the time for you to tell me what do you really feel? Is it because of the letter or you did'nt achieve something between us?" We're at the middle of the night when he yawn and hear me snarled on the other hand feeling our oneness though idiosyncratic that demeanor seems nothing. The street is enormous and unbelligerent against rebellious mobs and people with no deep sentiments, seemingly that our quiet ambience only matches the entire environment as well as the people having only nothing to share but looks though not aquired around. Being around the society of British people like him is like a society of big jaws but still enamored his accent and garden loving culture. Our harmonious relationship beckons our trials, pasts and eccentric memories as we walk on the bridge confronting the moonlight then continued talking together. "It's like a dramatic entrance when I saw you walking inside British Museum flaunting you're wonderful charisma, it's like 1 year of our relationship and nothing happened to us, I'm a guy." It's like I was being jeered that sunset, seemingly like there's something he wanted to tell me that I immediatley felt what he wanted to tell, maybe that's the reason so I talk discreetly. "So is that your reason why you felt a bit annoyed about the letter and the time you gone insinuatedly? If it is the reason then it's all you're fault and not me." He sighed then muttered, "Now I told you our relationship last's long because of no fantasies and magic that can define what really love is but now I can't imagine more about how it could reflect us but the only way is find ourselves more through pillow sensations." Sounds like nasty so I reiterated cleverly, "You're a real man and I prove it's your eccentricity with your mediocre pride and naivity made me like you so much and that's the way how you crave for me. If that's your reason then better explain me?" Then he continued talking, "Eccentricity and attitude is not my point but it's how we reflect our relationship, steamy sensations? Funny isn't it? Am I wrong that my genuinity for our reflections talk's my personality?" His tone sounds being nefarious and sulk against me so I smiled and ended ourselves reflecting and talking about our past. "It's 56 minutes past 4 in the morning maybe we could talk about that tomorrow released all our feelings muffled inside, steamy sensation seems nothing but a piece of your too much likeness of flesh but I do understand you. I feel dizzy and exhausted let's sleep and take more time for relaxation, good night.
After talking one whole midnight, we strolled along the Oxford road that night of December 31 2012, it's 10:30 in the evening. People along the streets were starting to light up luces and firecrackers, jostling together, playing and shouting while waiting for exact 12 midnight to shout for a big Happy New Year. "I enamor your ribbon as well as your floral dress how lovely?" I was poke again on the forehead with the guy who becomes so selfish in our recent relationship, then I argued again what we talk about last midnight. "You're being too hasty about your emotions last midnight and I don't like your reactions that past hours." Then he jeered me with foolishness but I replied a smile to make myself look stronger than him. "7 days past we talk and reflect but nothing happened between us, there's no factor at all but mocks, whispers and my gentleness, what else can we prove in our relationship?" His serious straight voice makes me much endearing but my laconic attitude that hour made me feel, our DNA matches together. Looking around the road 11:00 in the evening allowed our sentiments to release and continued talking about the new year environment. "I can still smell the scent of firecrackers and luces, it projects me the real essence of New Year, do you still love me?" He muttered but then I acknowledge what he really wanted to tell me. "I know what you really wanted to tell me, how if I tell you I preserve my wholeness, integrity, body and soul in front of God as well as justifying my virginity to be conquered after my wedding. I believe there's a a lot of chances for us to rekindle but if you think of those shallow beliefs it's better for us to move on, I'll go on my way back Philippines." That hour he talk subsequently and soft spoken, trying to make my feelings in comfort. "The stars spread along the sky, it dance along shining, giving our eyes marveled how God created them beautifully." Then I wondered after he talk philosophically, "how do you say so? After foolishness and your crazy perceptions about our relationship, you talk about the marvelous jaunders of our Lord God. Talk to me straightly and I'll answer you what you really wanted to tell me. "Before I talk those crazy things about our relationship I realize how should you as women be venerated like my father said me." Meanwhile a flying lantern falls in front of me but with no wonder and violent reactions I catch it in the air and saw a small box. He stunned since there's no amazement and shocked, but a smile and glare at his cunning face. "I ask myself in the very first place if that, that would be the answer to all our questions needing you no more to answer all my sentiments. There might be a notion that you'll give up if you recieve that thing which means a lot." Seems like the questions have finally answered that night. It's 12 in the midnight people our jostling and shouting together emancipating the crowd and giving enlightenment about the New Year's eve, the night have finished I exhilerated but still in a serious way smiling again at him saying, "Yes Bobby, yes..."

Sila pa rin

It was an nth day of my hours when a conclusion gave me an interlude to our relationship. It's all a my moment, "One day will be an entourage to this church." He told me because I'm very delingquent of thinking with bountiful things and moments of a lovingly yours life because in my part I'm the only woman to provide him of the reality and fiefdom of what he needs most of the life that we were always had with the moments cherished all by ourselves. "How did you say so? In this candid Lady of Fatima faith and hope Christianity chapel you gave me of the intimacy we have forever. Still I'm a child to play a definitive romance though sort of a pure refugee with the love in the dire need of each countries love for kindred childhood. Not interested of yours," Then it's all I remember with the longevity of period we sensitized together. "Your name is Beatriz, a woman bullied by many of our classmates because of your childish attitude." Then it comes to think of what and who am I for the most of the time that I'm in an ethereal views for reasons of equity against those oreos and gummy bears. Still I'm the bull frog whom you can give of the love I need in the moments we had." Then I nodded and make of a feastive things to be inculcated naturally with the enervating concepts that I had most of real living. "Well, for many people at the Laguna Bay I'm named as the only one Kobe because of a crunch and chunks of chips that my mother loves to have in dire need of his long lasting though vehement relationship with my grandmother." Then there's a sudden motive that reverberated in the so called purity of colors and visions of my heart, I always had that notion for a myriad studies that I must have since of my high school life. Then it's the conclusion of love relationships that I'm heaving for most of my severity with how things can become sensitized through the means of my lavish playfull demeanor in terms of a harmony. Meanwhile I wake up, he smiled where in my class and it's all a dream fantazised that I was in my bedroom together with him. Then in the reality my teacher threw an eraser in my head then simply muttered. "You're in my class I hate of seeing those things in front of me I hate sheepish animals hear... Lazy..." Then I saw him smiling while evacuating my arms in his face then told me, (Beautiful hair now life can't wait). It's a fiefdom of Byzantium epoch between us whilst the sun ray enlightenly gold with the enamors of cumulus clouds of happiness that the romance like Alynna long lasting with love of the blows in the momentum of anarchy and indulgence of beauty like Venus or Melissa for the courage of hitting back what's for her. In my part I'm very crucial of an interrelational skills for a more essential status quo reality and childish up heaving demeanor. Then I stare at him because of the veering remarks that I had to have in the name of emmo hemmian rhapsody. Well what's my color I'm Emo Hemian funny accent of mentallity and cherished beams of flower, the love of wearing tight jeans whilst my bellies where flown in front of the class and wearing colorful scurves. It's my reality in the siege of and catapults of an ecclecting moments with my childish and playfull attitude. Towards the vyes and popularity still I'm in the harmony of a mustn't derailed aspects to the severity of the scenic bravery he showed me during my dreams.
"The sun seemed to be glowing like your elbows of a crispy pata look, I like you."
"Well for a synthesis of purity and devotions to what I had with him, your so smart and a dire neccessities for my need of being on top in terms of queen bee and kinship in the class." He never explained neither become my protagonist human being ina the story of a not so heretical issues in the sort of a definitive romance. In my worth of a believable creed the most fascinating issue is always having a bountiful aspect of a mustn't derogatory remarks in the lavish designs of romance and particular visions to evade the sensitized anarchy of each schools. In my part I'm massive of the fruitful love of his neccessities. He never instigated me but imbibe an eloquent attitude... especially that he is a student belong to a wealthy family, Then muttered again. "Just call me Beok, I don't like being Kobe because I'm not a kid anymore."
"Hmmmm... Oreos and gummy bears, well m&m's, m&m's, m&ms."
"I don't like you..."
"As possible as it is... establish me a nicier aspect of perky attire or else..."
"Bull frog..."
"I don't like being called as a bull frog mama's boy..."
"Di nga?"
"It's a good notion for these students to call us a freaking (Sila Pa rin)."
"Then it's a colorful memory that we may had for an everlasting memory... but?"
"I don't like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Beatrice... Your just a bull frog."
"There must be an  afformentioned vulnerability for a mustn't deviant society."
"There's no matter of an ignorant memoirs in our sort it's valid for a consequential reality."
"No matter how far it is there's a childish puppy love that may run in the instincts of reality."
"So let's listen to our lesson may be the teachers getting mad if we play cool as if we are in punitive aspect of love."
"I don't need any excuses, maybe this would end up your mess." He then play cool until our class ended wherein I realized I'm just sleeping for a love and humor to protrude of an enervating class that we had for the longevity of hours. Another sleeping belief that I'm heaving for a long time it's a concoction of a symetrical means for a pure man's bestfriend in a playful environment... School at least I wake up acknowledging the man of the hours that happened to be my cousin Titan is talking with me. It's the last hour of our class but in our part it's been an irony to provoke an emotional motive that I always had for my life and it's for reality. Until after the hours of sleep he's laugh towards me "we've shouted by pour classmates like a noise barage for a cautious reality that he as a man indulge by wealthy aristocrat had been synthesized very well." It's a motive of a bountiful aspect and I on my part become delingquent with the beautiful dream I had for an instance.
"Atlis sila pa rin ni Beok..." Titan muttered then I sleep again.